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October 17 & 18 Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC

Half Day: Understanding White Box Networking Architecture and Economics

JR Rivers


Instructor: JR Rivers, CEO and co-founder of Cumulus Networks





JR Rivers, CEO and co-founder of Cumulus Networks, will discuss the emergence of white box networking from a device and network architecture point of view and its associated economics.  Also covered will be the anatomy of a modern Ethernet switch, the landscape of Ethernet switching silicon, and the state of various industry efforts such as the Open Compute Project’s open source network reference design.



Detailed anatomy of an Ethernet switch

Hardware centric perspective on the various subsystems

•    Top of Rack or TOR

•    Chassis

•    Hybrids


Characteristics of Networking Silicon, the enabling technology

Discussion about technologies and implementations of various silicon, with internal architectures as authorized by silicon suppliers

Switch fabric access via SDK

Next generation Ethernet switch silicon and new features


Transmission Systems

Discussion of physics of modern cabling and transceivers both copper and optical


Open Network Install Environment

Making modern hardware available to a variety of software solutions

White box software stack options

Linux is the new network operating system

Configuring, monitoring white box networks

Programming white box networks


Open Network Data Center Design

Implementing white box networking in data center networks

The Open approach to a leaf-spine Clos networking

Network attributes and economics

The new networking program environment

DevOps’ role expands into networking


Getting started with White Box Networking

Where to deploy white box networking

When to deploy white box networking

Why deploy white box networking