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ONUG Spring 2017 April 25 & 26 ONUG Fall 2017 October 17 & 18

ONUG Open Networking Industry Requirements

Ernest Lefner           Michael Payne           Keith Shinn


Ernest Lefner, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of ONUG, SVP Architecture & Engineering Executive, Bank of America

Michael Payne, Executive Director and Engineer Lead,
JPMorgan Chase

Keith Shinn, SVP Wholesale IT, Fidelity Technology Group,
Fidelity Investments

Session Description: There are multiple open networking initiatives throughout the industry including the Open Networking Foundation, OpenStack Community, Open Computing Forum, OpenDaylight and OMG. In early October the ONUG Board hosted a meeting with open networking standards organizations and open source organizations to decide which standards and technologies were strategic to their business plans. The result of that meeting is the ONUG Open Networking Industry Requirements. These requirements have been put together to assist IT executives with their own deployment and procurement processes. The entire ONUG Community is offered an opportunity to place votes on the ONUG Open Networking requirements during the ONUG conference.  At the end of the day we’ll review the results.