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October 17 & 18 Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC

Software-Defined Networking at Citigroup


Session Title: Software-Defined Networking At CitiGroup

Speaker:  Greg Lavender, CTO for Architecture and Infrastructure Engineering CitiGroup

Session Description:

Citigroup has a global multi tenant data center infrastructure hosting thousands of applications to support a global workforce, covering application end-users and developers.

To address the increasing application resource demands and costs for optimizing IT infrastructure, a new evolutionary data center architecture is being developed as part of Citi’s Software Defined Data Center initiative.

SDN is a strategic component of Citi’s data center evolution. It is targeted to enable network automation and segmentation in order to support seamless connectivity for traditional workloads, new emerging scale-out workloads, and virtualized workload mobility.

In this presentation an overview will be provided of the role of SDN in Citi’s Software Defined Data Center initiative and the company’s technology strategy for deploying SDN.  Citi’s SDN technology strategy is based on a layered architecture with open industry-standard based interfaces.

Citi’s SDN approach covers both virtual and physical networking, including network overlays based on an IP-based data center network fabric.