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ONUG Fall 2017 October 17 & 18

Traffic Monitoring/Visibility

  • Problem Being Solved: Over & Underlay Traffic Filtering/Steering
    • Allows for highly customizable data capture and copy based on header and DPI matches
    • Automated/flexible  traffic steering capabilities to monitoring tools
    • Limited SPAN/monitor port capacity on network switches
    • Polling schemes don’t scale
    • Lack of network traffic/flow visibility usage trends
    • Lack of scale: need visibility into 1,000s of flows
  • Open Networking Components:
    • Open API and Controllers + SDN Tap application provides SPAN functionality on arbitrarily large number of switch ports + SFLOW
    • White box networks to aggregate SPAN ports
  • Benefits: Over & Underlay Traffic Monitoring, Steering
    • Business unit self service
    • CapEx relief
    • Network/traffic/flow visibility

Traffic Monitoring:Visibility