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October 17 & 18 Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC

Centralized Application Rules Management

Problem Being Solved:

  • Complex application control of the network requires governing control of access, “importance” and “rules of engagement” for each application, including change control.
  • Multivendor visibility of application changes impact to the network

Open Networking Components:

  • OpenFlow Controller, OpenDaylight Control
  • RestAPI
  • Open DB and app running on top of SDN controller or network Linux OS for managing the rules and policy for application control


  • No Manager-of-Manager for controllers and network services for policy/compliance/governance control

Benefits: Lowering OpEx and complexity

  • Centralized management for change management & compliance (PCI/SOX/HIPPA)
  • Increased network resiliency and survivability
  • Rules contention management
  • Application rules translated to network policy

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