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October 17 & 18 Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

Problem Being Solved: High CapEx & OpEx of appliance stacks + circuit cost

  • Poor WAN bandwidth management, visibility & control
  • Branch-to-data center and Branch-to-Branch connectivity
  • No pooling of WAN bandwidth from n service providers

Open Networking Components: Open programmability of branch office routers, SDN controller centralized overlay, white box branch office devices

Gaps: Policy routing for the WAN: QoS to control different bandwidth links and applications

  • WAN acceleration that works, security key rotation, end-end policy enforcement that spans DC to branch, automated provisioning, legacy tie-in

Benefits: Mitigate asymmetric routing, manage flows & utilization of WAN as a multi-carrier pool of bandwidth

  • CapEx & OpEx relief of appliance stacking & circuit cost
  • Monitor apps directed across WAN
  • Direct SLA bound apps on high performance WAN & less mission critical over internet VPN
  • Access independent, 3/4G, Broadband, metro Ethernet, etc.

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