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October 17 & 18 Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC

Open Networking Investment Implications

Where are we in the open networking investment cycle?



  • Natarajan ‘Subu’ Subrahmanyan, The Juda Group


  • Philip Winslow, Credit Suisse
  • Paul Silverstein, Cowen and Company
  • Jayson Noland, Robert W. Baird & Co. 
  • Rod Hall, JPMorgan Chase


SDN promises to be a disruptive technology to traditional Layer 2-7 technologies. It’s no surprise to industry observers that the networking industry is at an inflection point where IT business leaders seek new solutions to new problems be it from start-ups or established vendors. But where is the SDN market in its evolution? Will there be ten, twenty or more start-ups funded or are the established vendors starting a wave of M&A. In short, where are we in the investment cycle for open networking: the beginning, middle or end? This panel of financial analyst and investors seek to answer that question.