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ONUG Spring 2017 April 25 & 26 ONUG Fall 2017 October 17 & 18

Understanding Network and Service Virtualization

Srini Seetharaman

Instructor: Srini Seetharaman, SDN Hub


Analogous to server virtualization and workload containerization, Network Virtualization decouples and isolates virtual networks (i.e., tenant) from the underlying network hardware. Ranked as the top use-case for ONUG enterprise data centers today, this network virtualization concept is important for reasons of improved agility and reduced operational expenses. While there are several solutions in the market, it is important to understand the different choices for deployment architecture with an eye on the future.
– What are the tradeoffs with deploying an overlay, fabric or hybrid solution?
– Why and how do we deploy virtualized network services? What is NFV?
– How do we network the software containers (e.g., Docker-based)?
– How is policy, security, access control deployed?

This tutorial will help you get a better understanding of all these concepts and requirements, by going over several data center design blueprints for network and service virtualization.


  • Today’s data center networks
    • Challenges
  • Network virtualization
    • Motivation
    • Solution, requirements
    • Network design blueprints
  • Service virtualization and NFV
    • Motivation
    • Solution, requirements
    • Network design blueprints
  • Future od DC networking
    • Docker networking
    • OpenDaylight, OpenStack